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How to Improve your Chess Game

There is certainly no shortage of books out there to help you learn chess, or to take your strategy skills to the next level. However, many of these resources are unnecessarily long and time consuming to get through. Here at the Best Chess Set Ever, we want to get you out of the books, and onto the board! This is why we created our own chess strategy guide and included it in every set we sell. The Best Strategy Guide Ever contains 32 pages of straight-to-the-point knowledge that will get you up and playing in no time! Starting with the basics of how each piece moves, the guide walks you through more advanced strategies,  pointers on tournament play, using a timer,...

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What is a Weighted Chess Piece?

When creating the Best Chess Set Ever, we knew we had to create the Best Chess Pieces Ever! That’s why we’ve included weighted pieces in all of our sets. So…what is a weighted chess piece? And what makes them the Best Ever? A weighted chess piece has a high-quality feel and is a lot more sturdy to play with than the typical run-of-the-mill, non-weighted piece. Each of our pieces has little metal weights located in the bottom—by placing the weights in base of each piece, we've lowered the center of gravity, making them much more difficult to tip over. Lighter, non-weighted plastic pieces can blow over in a breeze, or be easily scattered if the table is bumped. Other chess...

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The Differences between Vinyl and Silicone Chess Boards

What are the differences between Vinyl and Silicone Chess boards? As the foundation for your game, choosing the right chess board is essential! To make sure your board suits your needs, there are a few things to consider: Where will you use it? Who will be playing? Will you need to transport it? How and where will it be stored? Both Vinyl and Silicone chess boards are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and both are durable enough to stand up to regular enthusiastic play. However, Silicone boards come with some extra advantages that Vinyl boards don’t have.   Our Silicone Chess Board Our Silicone board has the same visual features as a standard Vinyl board, but the Silicone material is...

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