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What is a Weighted Chess Piece?

With so many options it can be difficult to choose the right chess set to suit your purposes. Chess pieces can vary on style, size, weight, and color and if you are new to the chess world it can be difficult to what specifically you are looking for and what some of the terms mean. Once question we get a lot is “What is a weighted chess piece?”. It’s a very good question and important to understanding what you are getting with weighted chess pieces.

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Improve your Chess Game

Improve your Chess Game There is certainly no shortage of books out there to help you learn chess, or to take your game to the next level. Some of the resources out there are unnecessarily long and time consuming to get through. That is why we created our own chess strategy guide and included it with the Best Chess Set Ever. Our 32 page guide The Best Chess Strategy Guide Ever is 32 pages of straight to the point knowledge that gives you everything from the basics of how the pieces move, to some more advanced strategies and some pointers on how to use the chess clock so you can quickly take your chess game to the next level.  Take...

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