What is a Weighted Chess Piece?

When creating the Best Chess Set Ever, we knew we had to create the Best Chess Pieces Ever! That’s why we’ve included weighted pieces in all of our sets except for the 1X Tournament and the 1X Travel Edition.

So…what is a weighted chess piece? And what makes them the Best Ever?

A weighted chess piece has a high-quality feel and is a lot more sturdy to play with than the typical run-of-the-mill, non-weighted piece. Each of our pieces on the 4X Tournament and the 3X Tournament Chess Sets have little metal weights located in the bottom—by placing the weights in base of each piece, we've lowered the center of gravity, making them much more difficult to tip over.

Lighter, non-weighted plastic pieces can blow over in a breeze, or be easily scattered if the table is bumped. Other chess sets are created with overall heavier materials, such as marble, which makes for a top-heavy piece that is both more breakable and easier to tip. Since our pieces are both bottom-weighted and made out of plastic, we have truly achieved the best of both worlds--stability and durability!

In addition to the weighted goodness, we’ve added smooth felt bottoms that help the pieces glide over the board with ease.

Our chess pieces have an elegant, high-quality feel that is both approachable enough for beginners and kids, and sophisticated enough for the most seasoned chess pro. Indoors or out—use weighted chess pieces and make your moves with confidence!


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