What is a Weighted Chess Piece?

What is a Weighted Chess Piece?

With so many options it can be difficult to choose the right chess set to suit your purposes. Chess pieces can vary on style, size, weight, and color and if you are new to the chess world it can be difficult to what specifically you are looking for and what some of the terms mean. Once question we get a lot is “What is a weighted chess piece?”. It’s a very good question and important to understanding what you are getting with weighted chess pieces.

A weighted chess piece generally has a much higher quality feel to it and is a lot more sturdy. If you remove the felt from the bottom of the chess piece, you will see little metal weights in the bottom. These are included to make your pieces a lot more solid and much more difficult to accidentally knock over or shift if the table is bumped.

Weighted pieces are ideal for playing with kids, or for playing outdoors! Cheap sets will blow over or slide with a strong breeze. Weighted pieces will stay put and allow you to play your game no matter the conditions.

This is why we included triple and quadruple weighted pieces in the Best Chess Set Ever. Weighted chess pieces give the advanced player a quality set of chess pieces to play with that are perfect for a casual game with a friend, or for using in a tournament! They also give children or a chess beginner a sturdy set to learn and play with that won’t shift whether they are outdoors, at school or at home. We also give you a chess strategy guide to help you up your game! Check it out today!