How to Improve your Chess Game

There is certainly no shortage of books out there to help you learn chess, or to take your strategy skills to the next level. However, many of these resources are unnecessarily long and time consuming to get through. Here at the Best Chess Set Ever, we want to get you out of the books, and onto the board!

This is why we created our own chess strategy guide and included it in every set we sell.

The Best Strategy Guide Ever contains 32 pages of straight-to-the-point knowledge that will get you up and playing in no time! Starting with the basics of how each piece moves, the guide walks you through more advanced strategies,  pointers on tournament play, using a timer, as well as some some fun facts and sage insights from chess masters.  

The best way to improve your chess game is to play.  Our guide will help you make your opening move, craft a strategy, and get to playing!

Chess Strategy Guide


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