Hi, I am Galen Pyle, Creator of Best Chess Set Ever. 


The Best Chess Set Ever was developed by Galen Pyle, chess enthusiast and world traveler. Galen discovered his love for chess at the age of twelve, and developed his passion while studying the Philosophy of Mathematics at Reed College. At this time, he founded and captained the Reed College Chess Team, became a ranked tournament chess player, and taught chess to students at over a dozen elementary schools. After graduating from college, Galen traveled the world playing tournament and recreational chess. 

Galen received Grandmaster chess lessons in Armenia, joined the Bangkok Go Team in Thailand, and visited thirty total countries, playing chess in each one. Through his journey, Galen examined hundreds of chess sets but could not find a set that met his needs for durability, portability and style. After returning home, he dedicated himself to developing the Best Chess Set Ever, combining classic components, modern materials and winning strategies to meet the needs of tournament players, travelers, and beginners alike. 



Thank you for helping us share the love of chess!  We believe everyone deserves a great chess set, so we said, "Let's just make the best!".  I made Best Chess Set Ever for all players - beginner's & champions alike - inspired by the beauty of the game. Each person has their own unique story, and there’s a story in every game of chess.


Who doesn't love happy customers?