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Welcome to Chess Geeks!

Chess Geeks seeks to provide the best possible customer service experience. We ship twice daily and our tracking information is automatically generated when you make an order. Chess Geeks ships every order with free priority mail!

At Chess Geeks we offer chess sets, pieces, clocks, and other chess game accessories. We are based in Portland, OR and ship nationwide. Galen Pyle owns and operates the Chess Geeks in Portland, Oregon. He is a USCF tournament director and FIDE international chess arbiter.

For customer service, email sales@chessgeeks.comOur Toll Free Number is (833) CHESS-GO, the digits are (833) 243-7746. Please leave a voicemail with any questions and we will be happy to follow up with you and make everything right.


We strive to offer the best customer service ever. Check the site often as we are constantly adding more products, featured products, closeout pricing, and specials for you to choose from. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, we try to reply to email questions immediately.

We will do back flips and jump on a trampoline if you give us a 5-star review on our Amazon product page.